Disinfect Entire Rooms | Cleanroom by UVISAN

Disinfect harmful germs throughout the room with UV-C light

Kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria with the power of UV-C light in 10 minutes. Keep your environment safe. Ensuring the safety of your team members.

UV-C Disinfection

Disinfect your entire room, surfaces, and air within 10 minutes. Fixed UV-C luminaires provide Complete surface disinfection & ambient disinfection.Keep sensitive equipment and electronics safe. It has no chemicals, liquids, wipes, or heat. Ozone Free

Fully automated operation

Cloud reporting and analytics for you to audit your data Uvisan's smart controller and app offer the possibility of disinfecting multiple rooms simultaneously. Disinfect complex surfaces.


UTILISING MEDICAL GRADE LIGHT SPECTRUM PROVEN TO KILL 99.9% OF ALL PATHOGENS INCLUDING VIRUSES AND BACTERIA. UV-C light transmitted by Cleanroom’s luminaires, killing all airborne and surface based bacteria and viruses on contact.

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