UV-C Disinfection Could be the Solution to a COVID-Safe Return to School

In the coming weeks and months, as students are phased back into schools and other educational institutions, minimising viral transmission is going to be a top priority. When schools reopen to all, decision-makers must be doing everything they can to give students a learning experience that is as close to normal as possible.

Over the past year, education has faced unprecedented levels of disruption. Teaching has been virtual and remote for great lengths of time and in the short windows that schools have been open, facilities have been limited due to concerns surrounding hygiene and disinfection.

As restrictions ease, schools, colleges and universities must find efficient, reliable and cost-effecting disinfection solutions which will keep students protected throughout the remainder of the pandemic and beyond as society adopts a more hygiene-conscious outlook.

For many institutions, leaving rooms empty for hours after fumigating them or letting equipment quarantine for 72 hours between uses is incredibly impractical and unrealistic. For those using delicate technology, such as headsets and iPads, using moisture or chemicals to disinfect equipment could cause expensive damage.

While many teachers have been using wasteful disinfectant wipes, some institutions are leading the way in implementing a much more efficient and reliable defence against outbreaks of Covid and other illnesses. Turning to UV-C light as a disinfection solution is saving staff time, effort and resources, all while guaranteeing more effective decontamination than wipes and chemicals can achieve.