Case Studies

  • Scientifically Tested: UVC vs Wet Wipes

    As part of our ongoing process to discover the best ways to develop our product range and understand how to tackle the spread of diseases and viruses, we are continually carrying out a number of experiments. One recent experiment was to examine the efficacy of wipes vs. UVC on handheld devices...
  • UV-C in Education - Hazelwood School: A Uvisan Case Study

    These cabinets have helped staff and students alike and can be used in many different environments and capacities. They have fitted seamlessly into a school environment, saving the school time and money, whilst ensuring a safe environment with access to all of the resources and teaching aids to help students through their schooling.
  • University of Chichester Case Study

    At the University of Chichester, one of the main problems was the use of shared equipment such as keyboards, mice, VR headsets, mocap components, cameras and anything that could be used by more than one person and not effectively cleaned using traditional methods involving moisture or heat.
  • UV-C Disinfection Could be the Solution to a COVID-Safe Return to School

    In the coming weeks and months, as students are phased back into schools and other educational institutions, minimising viral transmission is going to be a top priority. When schools reopen to all, decision-makers must be doing everything they can to give students a learning experience that is as close to normal as possible.
  • Cleaning Things Up III: Technical Hygiene Standards

    Standards that can guide educators and others in this timely hygiene challenge do indeed exist. Take for example the recent Hologate hygiene and safety standards for virtual reality...